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Since it’s inception, JCO Group has been actively creating and managing a global network and community of payment, fraud and advanced technology professionals. We currently have over 53,000 active industry professional members in our groups. We also have collaborative partnerships with other LinkedIn Group Managers to extend our reach beyond 90,000 FinTech Professionals around the world.

Our philosophy is to promote thought leadership through subject matter expertise. We work with clients, partners and industry groups to drive innovation and next generation solutions shaping the Fintech market with an omnichannel approach to blockchain, payments, customer engagement (loyalty, rewards, offers) and data insights.

We welcome you to join our LinkedIn Groups or let's talk about how we can promote your program by calling  512-203-7711 or send a note to discuss more.


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Payment and Fraud Professionals

We manage a series of LinkedIn Groups with a massive global reach directly to industry executives, influencers and channel partners.

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